16 September 2013

Pattern Puzzle - Draped Tee

The Draped Tee
Those #PatternPuzzlers are too clever by half.  They had it solved in two hours with only the lightest banter.    Ten out of ten for great spatial skills all of you!
The weird shape below is the front of a Draped Tee, ever so slightly upside-down!

The drape is set off to the right hand side of the front, with a boat neck and fairly straight forward sleeve.

The pattern plan below shows the directional lines I use to introduce extra fabric into the front to create the drape.  The solid line on the right side of the bodice is a seam that ends up mostly hidden in the drape.  A firm fit around the hip is important to keep the front drape in place.  I recommend  a light weight single jersey without elastane.  Preferably cotton, merino or rayon for good drape.

The image below shows the bones of the pattern with the extra drape fabric coloured green and the white areas as the original knit block.

The back has a boat neckline to match the front and will be cut on the fold.  The sleeve is already slim in this block and will only be checked for length.  I prefer a sleeve that finishes about a third way down the hand.

Add your preferred seam allowances for stretch sewing and assemble.  This style requires as much making as a regular tee-shirt!  Enjoy.

Let me know if you have any questions or if you want more pattern making detail.

If you would like to try some of this pattern trickery you can join us at Studio Faro in September/October for Introductory workshops.  If geography prevents that, then keep your eye on the  pattern making worksheets page on the website.  In the coming weeks I will be uploading some of these creative pattern tutorials as worksheets for you to make your own patterns.  
Enjoy ;)


  1. Looking forward to the course on Sunday. I've posted two pencil skirts made from your block instructions on my blog, and have cut another two! See the last two posts.

  2. Hi Gail. Thanks for letting me know about the posts. Looking forward to sunday. Bring nothing but a good pencil and your great ideas about dresses and we will have a fab day. Anita :)
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