30 December 2013

Pattern Puzzle - Balenciaga Evening Overblouse

From the first moment I clapped my eyes on this little beauty I have been deeply in love.  Never far from my mind, I had made several attempts to understand this self-drafted style.  Finally I have something to start with.  

You'll find all the pattern making instructions on the website blog.

23 December 2013

Pattern Puzzle - Paper Twist Tunic

We know this is an insanely busy time of year and would like to send a huge thank you to everyone who dropped by on the weekend for our #PatternPuzzle.  The shape below is what greeted our fans on Saturday morning on our FB page.  Below is my trade sketch as best interpretation of the pattern with the intention of cutting this tunic in a light papery taffeta to hold the sculptural effects of the twist.

You'll find all the pattern making detail on the website blog.

16 December 2013

Pattern Puzzle - Drape Shift

Solved with lightening speed by Alison Calderwood, Julie Eilber and RedPointTailor, last Saturdays #PatternPuzzle turns out to be a fab summer shift.  The image below has the puzzle shape right way up with some notations to help make sense of the thing.  

09 December 2013

Pattern Puzzle - The Patent Blouse

Looking a lot like an origami batman, this weeks self-drafted #PatternPuzzle comes from some of the greatest minds of the 1960's - the inventors filing patents for the next best thing in clothing.   Extracting the detail from the funny little patent sketches was probably one of the most frustrating self-drafted puzzles I have ever put together.  It took me ages to make sense of the garment and the suggested shape for the pattern.  July 2019 - this pattern is now available on the website - The Patent Blouse Sizes XS-XXL.

For all the pattern making instructions go to my blog post - The Patent Blouse.

02 December 2013

Pattern Puzzle - Dior Draped Skirt

This treasure was discovered in the archives the The Metropolitan Museum along with thousands of other beautiful pieces.  Much to my surprise I discovered that it is a fairly recent design by John Galliano for The House of Dior in 1998.

For this puzzle the focus is on the skirt and not the tailored halter neck top.  The combination of the well organised waterfall drape at the back of the skirt and the cowl drape in the front of the skirt was fascinating to me.  

You'll find all the pattern making detail on the website blog.