26 August 2013

Pattern Puzzle - TUCKED TEE

The inspiration behind Saturday's Pattern Puzzle has been doing the rounds of a few designers over the past 12 months.  I have cut it at least twice for different clients in the past year.  In the world of drape it is definitely the new kid on the block.  Simple and uncomplicated this style has a casual and formal application.  I personally like the casual application and plan to make it as a tunic top to go over jeans or a long slim skirt.

The shape I used in Saturday's puzzle was solved quickly by Alison and Julie.  They had it worked out in just a few hours.

19 August 2013

Pattern Puzzle - RETRO WRAP

Wandering around in Pinterest I repinned the images below from Red Point Tailor! to my #cuttthatfrock album.  I was fascinated with the strange little pattern diagram on the back of the envelope.  The images claim that this simple shape would make that wrap top and that you can wear it wrapped from the front or the back.  Mmmm... big claims for a simple shape and such sophisticated drawings!  Convinced I could scale this up to make sense of it, I imported the image in to illustrator.

Click through to my website for all the pattern making detail: RETRO WRAP

More on this later…..

12 August 2013

Pattern Puzzle - Soft Pleat Jacket

A huge shout out to all the FB fans who wrestled with the Pattern Puzzle this week.  A valiant effort all round!  First up the awkward shape that had everyone stumped.

If you turn the piece over and stand it up straight you can see that it is the front right side of this jacket with extra length added to the wrap to make the soft drape pleat between each button.  

05 August 2013

Pattern Puzzle - 'Lady in Waiting'

A Development from the 'whiteonwhite' Trend
So here is the lovely coincidence.  After deciding the pattern development was suitable for the Saturday morning Pattern Puzzle, I then remembered that the design was part of an earlier post about Design Development.  Also featured on my Trends on Tumblr blog along with many other trend developments.  I think I even shot some video footage???  Must look for that.....  
The design in question is in the centre at the top of the page and I have named it the 'Lady in Waiting'.