27 October 2014

Pattern Puzzles - Balenciaga Blouse

The inspiration behind this weeks #PatternPuzzle post is this divinely simple vintage blouse by Balenciaga (circa. 1958-60) found in the MetMuseum online collections.  It has been sitting in my stash of great ideas for #PatternPuzzles for over a year.  :)

20 October 2014

Pattern Puzzle - Classic Drape Dress

The idea behind this weeks #PatternPuzzle is to use a classic drape style to show how the fitting darts in your bodice block turn into drape according to design.  And to also have a go at making my pattern making technique clearer for everyone.

13 October 2014

Pattern Puzzle - The Kimono Wrap Dress

We had a fantastic time on Saturday with the #PatternPuzzle.  Jump over to FB and check out the most amazing contributions made by our fans, with drawings no less.  :)

This kimono styled dress was quite a challenge in the pattern making department.  Firstly you have to decide if the wrap over is an authentic two-layer wrap or if you are going to seam the pieces together.  I've gone for the two layer option and included a zip in the CB seam as the only place where the two bodice layers join.

Please feel free to leave any questions in the comments section below.  We love to hear from you.
Enjoy :)

09 October 2014


The Patent Blouse has become a favourite top for me after the first set of samples were very wearable.  Previous post here.  It has become such a favourite that I managed to wear out my first red sample very quickly.  Unfortunately rayon is not made to last and very soon the surface of the knit was a little shabby with pilling.  I have promised myself that the next red patent blouse will be made in merino.  This pattern has now been released on the website - The Patent Blouse Sizes XS-XXL

Leave your suggestions and questions in the comments section below.
Enjoy :)