24 November 2014

Pattern Puzzle - The Drape Shift Woven

The original Drape Shift #PatternPuzzle post has turned out to be the best performing of all our blog posts over the past two years.  It has pattern making instructions for the knit version of this design which is admittedly far more straight forward than the woven fabric version featured in this post.  So in response to many requests I have detailed here the pattern making instructions to make this design for woven fabrics.

17 November 2014

Pattern Puzzle - Curved Seam Dress

Once again our weekly #PatternPuzzle is focused on doing wicked things with darts!  The design is a classic in many ways and uses a very flattering diagonal seam.   The drape is sent in opposite directions to encourage the eye to take in the whole garment. 

All the pattern instructions have been moved to our new blog, on the website.  See you there!  :)

10 November 2014

Pattern Puzzle - The Cowl Tube Top

It's a mean thing to present the fans with a rectangle as a #PatternPuzzle and expect them to describe the garment.  In my defence I did include a couple of very small notches as a clue.  In the end Mioara was able to produce an almost exact image of the idea in knit fabric. I think we may have been reading the same pattern making books.  ;)

I found this image on pinterest but have had no luck finding the original source material.  If anyone knows the origin of this piece I would love to be able to include the correct information here.

03 November 2014

Pattern Fundamentals - Gape Darts

Last Saturday we swapped our regular #PatternPuzzle for some #PatternFundamentals.  The focus of the conversation was GAPE DARTS and how to use them in your pattern making to get a better result in your first toile of new designs.  You may know them as contouring darts as suggested by Alexandria of In-House Patterns.

The first question for fans was do you know what a gape dart is?  And do you know when to use them?  All the pattern making instruction has been moved to the website blog.  Join me there! :)