26 March 2016

Print and Plaid Trend - Design Development


This has to be one of the best things to do!  Endless ideas, not all of them good, but a good chance I'll like at least one of them enough to make it.  The Print & Plaid Trend is one of my long time favourites.  I suppose that means it's not really a fashion trend but a personal preference.

I'll be selecting one of these designs to make a pattern and sample.  Which one is your favourite?
For the video of design development go to my Youtube channel.

20 March 2016

TREND Confirmation - Perforated Fabric

If you have a keen interest in Fashion Design and would like to understand Trend Forecast, this post makes the connection between different sources of information used to verify fashion trends for each new season. 

Here at the studio I teach a workshop, Fashion Design Portfolio, that covers seasonal trends and design development for the fashion industry. This is my Trend Board for the Perforated Fabric Trend:

Find the rest of this post on our website blog 'well-suited'

13 March 2016

First Sample - Pinstripe Panel Skirt

Do you remember the Pinstripe Panel Skirt? Blogged in May 2014, and first sampled by Capital Chic, this very creative piece of corporate wear is stylish, wearable and very popular. :)

05 March 2016


The #PatternPuzzle sample this week is The Wrap Drape Dress from earlier in the year.  You can pop back to the original post for a refresh of all the pattern making instructions.  Janine Kroes of enina-j collection in the Netherlands has sampled our design for her new collection and sent us some photos from the sampling.

You'll find all the sewing detail here...