27 January 2014

Pattern Puzzle - Homage to Charles James 1950

A huge thanks for the fabulous effort from everyone over the weekend to solve this strange #PatternPuzzle.   This week we featured three pattern pieces as part of a garment, rather than the usual all-in-one pattern piece.

The diagram below shows how these different shapes sew together to make a panelled yoke in an evening skirt. 

20 January 2014

Pattern Puzzle - Cross Drape Tee

Some very quick and clever answers on Saturday had our #PatternPuzzle solved in one hour!  Thanks to Evelyn, Mioara, Cyndi and Delwyn for such great ideas.  And thanks to all our fans for making our Saturday morning so much fun.  The pattern shape below is for the entire top, when cut as 1 pair.  

Delwyn made the most interesting observation - that if we cut two pair of the shape, treating the CB as both CF & CB and allowing the drape extension as side panels, it would be a very interesting tunic with long draped side seams.  So many great ideas, and so little time to get them done!

 Below is the sketch of the style.

06 January 2014

Pattern Puzzle - Twist Drape Shift

It's hard to imagine how this strange shape will make-up when you first see the puzzle.  It is a slightly complex style that I managed to cut after working through the detail in a couple of stages.  Our fans were quick to work this one out on the weekend as they are all familiar with the variety of twist techniques that we use at Studio Faro.

This style is a self lined dress that has a combination of extra drape that works into a full garment twist, most likely made in a jersey fabric.