23 July 2022

An Elizabethan Shirt

For a very long time images of the elizabethan shirt as a pattern or garment have fascinated me. I've always favoured patterns that use every bit of fabric as they speak of a time when textiles were considered to be of great value. A time when your household was judged by the quality of the textiles produced in the home and worn by the family and often sold to generate income.

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15 July 2022

Working with my Corset Block

Fashion Corset v Historic Corset

There's a lot of talk around the negative aspects of wearing corsets but be assured that's not the whole story. My experience with corsets is strictly fashion industry and what I share here in the blog and through the product I have listed on the website is all derived from that experience. The articles and papers listed below will help you develop your understanding of the debate around historic corsets if this issue is of interest.

History of Corsets: the first wave of feminism - A reasonable introduction to the debate.
The Kurious Kase of Kim Kardashians Korset - A more thorough and academic investigation of debate around corsets.


Bust supporter & corsets. Copyright The Museum at FIT. Courtesy Google Arts & Culture.

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