26 June 2013

Pattern Puzzle Creation - Pattern Plan for the High Neck Fleece Jacket.

The last Pattern Puzzle generated some curiosity so I have decided to take it from the "what a great idea" stage to reality.  This will reveal all potential issues as we work our way through all stages of prototyping to the final sample.

You'll find all the pattern making instructions on the website blog. :)

24 June 2013

Pattern Puzzle - High Neck Fleece Jacket

According to the notes in my sketch book I had decided that this jacket will be cut in a wool Ponti (double knit).  Unfortunately wool ponti is hard enough to come by at all, let alone in these colours.  It would also be fantastic in a sports fleece which is more likely to come in a variety of colours.  Use your overlocker and contrast thread to make a 'seam cover' style hem to show through the facing shape.  I also love the idea of the collar facing and hem facing being cut in a contrast colour.

All the pattern making detail on the website blog.

Enjoy :)

10 June 2013

Pattern Puzzle - Off-the-shoulder Twist Top

Using a Studio Faro knit block I trace out the front and back blocks with side seams facing each other with a minimum 6cm gap.  Also trace out the knit sleeve that belongs to the block.  You'll find the rest of the pattern making information on the website blog.

04 June 2013

Pattern Puzzle - Three Colour Wrap Dress

Quite a challenge in the latest Pattern Puzzle from our Saturday morning  conversations on facebook.  This is the original puzzle and the sketch and pattern plan are pasted below.  Alison & Vivienne once again solved the puzzle with flying colours.  Great work!


All the detail here:  Three Colour Wrap Dress

Enjoy :)