26 June 2013

Pattern Puzzle Creation - Pattern Plan for the High Neck Fleece Jacket.

The last Pattern Puzzle generated some curiosity so I have decided to take it from the "what a great idea" stage to reality.  This will reveal all potential issues as we work our way through all stages of prototyping to the final sample.

To begin I have produced a Production sketch with clear front and back views.  For this patten I am using my undarted kimono block to begin my pattern plan.  When working with this block I tend to work the back and front on top of each other.  The reason is that so much of this block is the same front to back with the exception of the necklines and the shoulder/overarm line.  (If this is not clear please comment and ask - always, always happy to respond).  Pic below is the entire pattern plan, with more detail in the following pics.

Set out below are some photos with comments and notes.  

24 June 2013

Pattern Puzzle - High Neck Fleece Jacket

Had a great time on Saturday morning with Alison and Karen taking out the honours on the Pattern Puzzle.  Like our facebook page and be the first to see the Pattern Puzzle next weekend.
Slightly weird shapes in these pattern pieces made it a little difficult.  Can you work out the style before you scroll into the post and see the final sketch?

The pattern plan below shows far better the variation in the hem shape (including facing) and the development of the gusset.

10 June 2013

Pattern Puzzle - Off-the-shoulder Twist Top

Off-the-shoulder Twist Top - PATTERN & PATTERN PLAN

The detailed solution to Saturday's Pattern Puzzle.  Using a Studio Faro knit block I trace out the front and back blocks with side seams facing each other with a minimum 6cm gap.  Also trace out the knit sleeve that belongs to the block.  Following are the briefest details of the pattern plan.  Email me if you have any questions.

PATTERN PLAN - In this order:  BODY - Trace your knit block (two-way stretch) and mark in the neckline and folded band,  use neckline measurements to draft up the neckband (folded), drop the underarm points and increase the width of the top at the underarm point, drop the side seam straight to the hem, increase the length of the top.  SLEEVE - Trace out the knit sleeve block, mark top of sleeve head to match neck band on bodice, drop the top arm line and underarm point as bodice, measure and select the three-quarter length of the sleeve.

04 June 2013

Pattern Puzzle - Three Colour Wrap Dress

Quite a challenge in the latest Pattern Puzzle from our Saturday morning  conversations on facebook.  This is the original puzzle and the sketch and pattern plan are pasted below.  Alison & Vivienne once again solved the puzzle with flying colours.  Great work!


The dress is sketched up in three blocked colours of Navy, Red and Yellow.