04 June 2013

Pattern Puzzle - Three Colour Wrap Dress

Quite a challenge in the latest Pattern Puzzle from our Saturday morning  conversations on facebook.  This is the original puzzle and the sketch and pattern plan are pasted below.  Alison & Vivienne once again solved the puzzle with flying colours.  Great work!


All the detail here:  Three Colour Wrap Dress

Enjoy :)


  1. LOVE the dress.. wanna make it! would you use stable knit for this or a lightweight woven fabric??

  2. Hi Lynn. I think my favourite would be a crepe. Wool crepe for cooler climates, or a satin backed crepe for evening. Maybe a linen/cotton blend for hot climates.

    So yes to the light weight woven. The knit would need a different block to start with but would also look great. Are you thinking of cutting this pattern?

  3. I just found your blog and I am hooked. I am just a home sewer and your designs are probably way beyond me - BUT - I would love to have a go at this amazing dress using my block. Would you allow me to copy?

  4. I would love you to try it! Particularly if you are willing to post here about your progress/results. I am also happy to have any number of conversations re your progress if that helps. :)

    In the not too distant future I intend to develop these patterns to sell on-line. Having a group of wiling pattern testers will be crucial. Would you be interested?

    I'm so flattered by your enthusiasm.
    Speak soon. Anita

  5. Thank you so much Anita. Yes, I am happy to tell you all about my progress/problems/results/etc. in any format that suits you. I will document the journey on my blog Ozviking.wordpress and link to your blog as I go along. I wish you lots of luck with your pattern business and I would be delighted to be a pattern tester.

  6. Thanks you so much. You are my first official pattern tester. :) I'm honoured.

    I finally found your blog and followed. Loved the jeans post and your fit looks great. Will share when the time comes and I'm really looking forward to your posts.

  7. Wow I'm the one that is honoured. Thank you so much and I'll be in touch. This is so exciting!