24 June 2013

Pattern Puzzle - High Neck Fleece Jacket

Had a great time on Saturday morning with Alison and Karen taking out the honours on the Pattern Puzzle.  Like our facebook page and be the first to see the Pattern Puzzle next weekend.
Slightly weird shapes in these pattern pieces made it a little difficult.  Can you work out the style before you scroll into the post and see the final sketch?

The pattern plan below shows far better the variation in the hem shape (including facing) and the development of the gusset.
I have used my loose fit Kimono Block made originally from a loose fit undarted block and sleeve.  Of particular note is the height variation between the back and front that just shows at the top of the block, i.e. The back is always slightly longer than the front by 1cm, essential for loose garments.  The high neckline is a difficult style to get right first time so I would always suggest a quick toile (calico prototype) before going near your final fabric.  If you are not sure about how to handle the gusset in this kimono style block let me know and I'll put together some detail to help.

According to the notes in my sketch book I had decided that this jacket will be cut in a wool Ponti (double knit).  Unfortunately wool ponti is hard enough to come by at all, let alone in these colours.  It would also be fantastic in a sports fleece which is more likely to come in a variety of colours.  Use your overlocker and contrast thread to make a 'seam cover' style hem to show through the facing shape.  I also love the idea of the collar facing and hem facing being cut in a contrast colour.

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Enjoy :)


  1. Great fun!!I think I am going to give this draft a try as I think the jacket is just lovely.

  2. This jacket has beautiful lines to it - thanks for taking the time to de-puzzle it out ... J

  3. Thanks Judith. These pattern puzzles are taking on a life of their own. Readers are now interested in trying them out so I am working through step-by-step detail and posting my progress.

    There is more detail in a recent post: http://studiofaro-wellsuited.blogspot.com.au/2013/06/pattern-puzzle-creation-pattern-plan.html

    Do you sew or make your own patterns?