24 June 2013

Pattern Puzzle - High Neck Fleece Jacket

According to the notes in my sketch book I had decided that this jacket will be cut in a wool Ponti (double knit).  Unfortunately wool ponti is hard enough to come by at all, let alone in these colours.  It would also be fantastic in a sports fleece which is more likely to come in a variety of colours.  Use your overlocker and contrast thread to make a 'seam cover' style hem to show through the facing shape.  I also love the idea of the collar facing and hem facing being cut in a contrast colour.

All the pattern making detail on the website blog.

Enjoy :)


  1. Great fun!!I think I am going to give this draft a try as I think the jacket is just lovely.

  2. This jacket has beautiful lines to it - thanks for taking the time to de-puzzle it out ... J

  3. Thanks Judith. These pattern puzzles are taking on a life of their own. Readers are now interested in trying them out so I am working through step-by-step detail and posting my progress.

    There is more detail in a recent post: http://studiofaro-wellsuited.blogspot.com.au/2013/06/pattern-puzzle-creation-pattern-plan.html

    Do you sew or make your own patterns?