24 February 2014

PatternPuzzle - Sporty Glamour

Inspired by The Cutting Class post, Tucks and Gathers at Prada, and Prada's divine combination of feminine styling with casual, sports trim, I could not resist this challenge.  The full show from Prada is worth the viewing. :)  The style that caught my eye is this sporty frock (below) with crew neckline and bead and sequin embellishment.  A wicked combination.  :)

So some of the detail has been identified by The Cutting Class but I have nothing for the back view.  Even the video was of little help in revealing the back of this dress.  My sketch below is simply my interpretation on what may be happening on the front and back of this frock.  This sketch is not a slavish copy of the original and has some uniques style features included in the design.  I have kept the empire-like seam but not included the shaped waistband.  I'm not even sure if that is a set-in sleeve or kimono style with gusset?  I vote kimono...

20 February 2014

Charles James for Everyday Wear

I love this dress and want to drag it into the 'everyday'.  Yes, party frocks are fun to make and wear but I am really interested in what I have in the wardrobe to wear everyday.  Is it stylish, well fitted and well made?  Am I comfortable in this great creation?  This runs through my head at seven in the morning when I am trying to decide what to wear for the day.

It is not my intention to dumb-down Charles James but to extract the diversity of his designs.  To demonstrate the enormous potential of his creative genius.  

17 February 2014

Pattern Puzzle - Homage to Charles James

 Once again that fabulous designer from the 1950's, Charles James, is the subject of the #PatternPuzzle.  I believe the dresses photographed below are of the same design and at first the differences were a little confusing.  In the end I decided they were in fact two different versions of the same design as the proportions in the garments vary a great deal.  Perhaps the same design made for two different clients.  My sketch and pattern are a reasonable facsimile of this design.

The puzzle below, posted on our Facebook Page on Saturday, is of the very full circle skirt and the front and back bodice.  

10 February 2014

Pattern Puzzle - Jersey Ruche Dress

We had a fabulous #PatternPuzzle conversation last Saturday with four different players contributing to the solution of a complicated style.  This pattern shape is the front and back dress as one pattern piece for the body of the Jersey Ruche Dress.

 Jersey Ruche Dress

The sketch below illustrates ruching in the shoulder line and down the right hand side of the dress.  

03 February 2014

Pattern Puzzle - Asymmetric Tuck & Gather

For the first time ever in the short history of our #PatternPuzzles it was solved with in the first answer.  Mioara  Cretu showed her pattern brilliance and described all the design detail in one go.  Another first for the Saturday morning #PatternPuzzle.

The design featured below is a draped dress with asymmetric seaming and the addition of drape for the tucks and fishtail.