23 February 2015

Pattern Puzzle - Drape Cape Top

As a general rule, capes and ponchos are not at the top of my shopping list.  I know they are currently on-trend but I find so many of them to be either unattractive or impractical.  We don't have cold enough weather here to benefit from the tradition wool cape with cozy hood or wrap.  However the more recent lightweight, knit designs in shrugs and capes are probably a lot easier to wear and may even have a functional place in our trans-seasonal wardrobes.

For all the pattern making detail for the Drape Cape Top jump across to the website blog.

16 February 2015

Pattern Puzzle - Gil Brandao, Conjunto Pratico

Gil Brandao's patterns have a seductive quality in their simplicity and clarity.  Often with pattern making instructions, simplicity is no more that an absence of information that can be finally very frustrating.  Not so for Gil.  His diagrams have all the required information.  So much so that my inability to read Portuguese does not present a problem.

For all the pattern making detail for the Gil Brandao, Conjunto Pratico jump across to the website blog.

09 February 2015

Pattern Puzzle - Drape Back Dress

The simplest of shapes have a tendency to be the most difficult to solve in the pattern puzzle.  When there are no recognisable patten parts (armholes, necklines, etc.) a huge amount of creativity is needed to make sense of the pattern shape.  Each week our fans excel in their ability to work their way through the information, ask the best question and eventually win the day.  :)  They are the best!

02 February 2015

Pattern Puzzle - Handkerchief Fold Dress

At last the detail for the Saturday #PatternPuzzle is here!  My apologies for the delay to our usual posting but I had a little trouble with the graphics.  It was a wonderful round of creative answers and clever solutions that finally solved this puzzle.  Our handkerchief Fold Dress is so named because it struck me that the construction of this dress is much like a handkerchief with the corners folded into the centre.

For all the pattern making detail for the Handkerchief Fold Dress is on the website blog.