28 November 2017

Learn Pattern Making using my Online Resources

In this post I hope to link up some of the illustration and pattern making resources I have on the website so you can plan your pattern making creativity over the summer break. These suggestions are a combination of free access blog posts, and  digital product you can buy and download.

Detailed pattern making notes to make your own sewing patterns.

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05 September 2017

Trouser Block - Fitting Toile

So often I'm asked how I make my fitting toile's for Trouser Blocks, so I'd thought I'd put together a short post with some detail. Many of the points are small but essential for a good #FirstFitting. You can access a download of my Trouser Block here. I've also uploaded a worksheet that covers the detail for the first stage of fitting the trouser block. The PDF worksheet includes detail instructions and technical diagrams to take you through every step of the process.

Fitting your Trouser Toile

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29 August 2017

Vintage Patterns with My Fitted Dress Block

This is a short but dedicated post for all those lovers of Vintage Style. The focus is on using my fitted dress block to design and cut your own vintage dress sewing patterns. To work your way through the fitting process you can go to DOWNLOADS on the menu bar and checkout My Blocks PDF (downloads). The Fitted Dress block has to be one of my favourites and the best place to start for fabulous dress designs. 

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22 August 2017

Testing a New Fashion Illustration Task

For the past decade I've been going into secondary schools and teaching fashion illustration and every time I learn something new about teaching. Each year I develop new materials and techniques to make learning fashion illustration fun. This year I decided to create some up-to-date illustration templates to use as a ILLUSTRATION TASK in the classroom. After reviewing some recent designer shows I generated about a dozen new images like those below. Mostly featuring latest catwalk fashion and they were so well received in the classroom I'm thinking of making them into a colouring book that everyone can access online.

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15 August 2017

Stretch Skirt Block and Design Options

Following on from the Skirt Block and Design Options post I've separated skirt designs that use a stretch skirt block to start your pattern development. You can use my skirt block to make a stretch skirt block to use with all these pattern puzzle posts. Some of them have been sampled and those sample posts are also included here.

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02 March 2017

Drape Skirt Patterns using my Skirt Block

Moving beyond your first skirt patterns to drape skirt patterns: 
To work with these more complex skirt patterns you would need to have confidence in your skirt block. By that I mean you know if fits because you've used it to make number of skirt patterns. A small fitting or shape error in your basic skirt block will have some impact on outcome of these skirts. Try my graded set of skirt blocks for any of these delicious drape skirt patterns. 

Drape Skirt Patterns

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Tell me which of these drape skirt designs is your favourite? Have you tried to make any of the pattern puzzle designs? If so then join my FB group STUDIO FARO MAKERS.  And don't forget to checkout all the garment blocks that are now available to use with my well-suited blog posts.

19 January 2017

Design Options for my Skirt Block

This is another in the post series where I curate my many blog posts so you can use them to self-train at your own pace. This post is focussed on my basic skirt block and I've listed all the pattern puzzle posts that use this block. Because there are so many posts, I've decided to separate the designs that need a stretch skirt block and I'll be featuring them in a separate post. Also my more demanding drape skirt patterns will be posted separately.

Cut your own sewing patterns for skirts using my skirt blog and my well-suited pattern puzzle posts.

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For Facebook devotees I have a group of STUDIO FARO MAKERS where you can post your creations and comments about pattern puzzles and well-suited blog posts.

10 January 2017

Making the Most of My Knit Block

My Knit Block will make all these Pattern Puzzles:

This post has been curated to bring the focus to my garment blocks now available on the website. They are the same blocks I use in my pattern puzzles and the same basic blocks that for the foundation of commercial pattern making. The first block for the spotlight is my Knit Block.

Checkout all my garment blocks here. :)