28 December 2014

Pattern Puzzle - Vintage Bodice

Once again I have been seduced by a Vintage Fashion Illustration promising so much in fit and style.  Add to that the fact that this bodice promised to be one of those fascinating one-piece patterns, so thoroughly investigated in the first half of the 20th century.  Manufacturers were looking for a  reduction of machine processes (costs) for the mass manufacture of fashion. This blog now has a great number (5) of these type of pattern instruction which I hope to develop into a more detailed post some day.

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22 December 2014

Pattern Puzzle - Erte Inspired Design

This weeks #PatternPuzzle was about targeting another of my favourite Erte designs and bringing this inspiration up-to-date.  As it turns out this is a truly challenging style.  I know I made at least two mistakes in putting these pattern making instructions together.  So please forgive any other errors you may find.  And because of it's complexity, I imagine I would have to produce at least 2-3 toiles/muslins to really get the design and fit to work well before attempting final cloth.

15 December 2014

Pattern Puzzle - Cowl Back Tee

We have had a good run lately with Cowl Drape styles and this week is no exception with the Cowl Back Tee.  Last week was the Vivienne Drape Dress featuring a Cowl Drape on the neckline and in the skirt.  And two weeks ago a reworking of The Drape Shift in a woven fabric for The Drape Shift - Woven.  You might say we are coming at the #CowlDrape thing from all directions.

08 December 2014

Pattern Puzzle - Vivienne Drape Dress

This blog post has been turned into a pattern making workshop 
#InAnAvo - The Vivienne Drape Dress.  Worksheet to follow! :)

It was another short race last Saturday as the first correct answer came in 7 minutes after posting.  #PatternPuzzle fans are proving to be fast and accurate leaving me with an enormous challenge to find yet more interesting ideas to unpack.  

This weeks design is a homage to one of my favourite designers, Vivienne Westwood.  The understated neckline drape and off centre skirt drape are characteristic of her wonderful draped dresses.

01 December 2014

Pattern Puzzle - Green Velvet Drape

Green Velvet Drape - A homage to Ceil Chapman 1950 

Over a year ago I found the image of this amazing vintage dress on Pinterest, compliments of Mill Street Vintage.  Unfortunately (for us) it has been sold and is no longer in their shop.  So I made up the back view to hopefully balance with the wonderful design detail on the front.