28 October 2013

Pattern Puzzle - Asymmetric Jersey Top

There were some very interesting suggestions on Saturday for this strange set of pattern shapes.  Such a great turnout of our regular #PatternPuzzlers and viewers together.  Finally solved on Sunday morning by Mioara Cretu our stretch pattern making star from Romania.  

The sketch below is a trend research from 2009 for knitwear, Summer 2011.  

21 October 2013

Pattern Puzzle - Drape and Gather Jersey Dress

Of all the #PatternPuzzle solutions offered on Saturday I think I like Julie Eilber's the best - 'Some kind of Aussie Crocodile.'  Such a strange shape and definitely a challenge to work out.  But the gang turned up on Saturday and again on Sunday and solved all of the detail as a team.  

As one pattern piece for the front it is a strange and very wasteful shape.  Indulgent and fun for a one-of but not so acceptable for production.  

18 October 2013

My New Workroom Dummy

For the past few months I have been looking for a new workroom dummy with more realistic measurements (size 12-14) that my usual industry sample size 8.  It's great for the clients but useless if you want to work in more realistic proportions.

Don't get me wrong, I love my workroom dummy.  She is a great shape for clothing with a soft bust shape and a round derrière.  Unfortunately the company that made and sold these in Australia has closed, so I was reduced to trawling ebay for possible offers.  

There is one other supplier of new dummies in Sydney but a combination of high prices and unrealistic body shape really puts me off.

14 October 2013

Pattern Puzzle - Hip Twist Top

You don't need to be a genius to see I am still enthralled by twists.  Perhaps they really suit the whole idea of the #PatternPuzzle.  This type of jersey twist is not so unusual in the fashion ranges at the moment.  The small and unusual detail of placing the twist off centre is very appealing if not a little clever.

Our #PatternPuzzle fans, new and returning, had this weird pattern shape worked out by lunch time with the final twist in the detail.  

If you'd like to learn my method for creating Twist Drape Patterns I have a detailed worksheet for making Jersey Twist Patterns. For just a few dollars you'll get the same training you'd get if you came to the workshop in my studio.

All the pattern making detail here:  Hip Twist Top
Buy the sewing pattern here:  Hip Twist Top Sewing Pattern

07 October 2013

Pattern Puzzle - Cowl Tee with Drape

Featuring on the #PatternPuzzle this week was another one of those tricky one piece patterns.  Fans worked all day and through the night to solve this one.  Not helped, I might add, by my 'armhole mishap'!  To explain:

I began the puzzle development with the idea that this jersey style would have a raglan sleeve cut in a stretch mesh.  That is, to add a textural contrast and lighten the design.  But the day was a bit of a scorcher and somehow the design morphed into a top with cutaway armholes.  Too many thoughts of warm breezy days on the beach I think.  Anyway I didn't notice and then posted the pattern shape as a one-piece pattern.  It is important to note that the armholes would be very different for raglan and sleeveless, but all will be explained.

03 October 2013

Pattern Puzzle - Mioara Cretu

For the first time in the short history of the Studio Faro #PatternPuzzles we have our first ever fan submission for the weekly event.  Mioara Cretu, a textile teacher from Iassy, Romania submitted the fabulous pattern shape you see below.
Such a challenging shape had our #PatternPuzzlers staying back after school to solve the problem.  With collective zeal Julie Eilber, Alison Calderwood and Karen Vogelsang finally solved the puzzle early Wednesday morning.  Such stamina!

Mioara has a particular interest in clothing made a jersey and admires the Donna Karan idea of the 'one pattern dress' achieved by removing the side seams with clever pattern making.