19 May 2015

Pattern Puzzle - Wrap Layer Top #1

The designs used in last Saturdays #PatternPuzzle conversation are the surplus design developments from the Layered Shirt post of a few weeks ago. They have been lying around on the work table all that time and I did't have the heart to throw them out. Then I realised that was because I really wanted these two tops for myself. They were just the kind of thing I needed in my wardrobe. Saved from the shredder, these designs are similar but different enough to entice you to make both. I will be dealing with them in two separate posts to make sure I cover all the detail. :)

For all the pattern making detail for the Wrap Layer Top #1 jump across to the website blog.

12 May 2015

Pattern Puzzle - Hi-Lo Drape Shift

The post is a little late this week as I am totally distracted by work that is going on in the backend of the website, setting up a members area. We have been working out the best content to make it both attractive and useful to fans and hope to open that members area very soon. Now back to the #PatternPuzzle that was such fun on Saturday with fans working getting to the answers super-fast. Then overnight, while I was asleep so many added sketches and photos and in one case an amazing mini-toile.

For all the pattern making detail for the Hi-Lo Drape Shift jump across to the website blog.

04 May 2015

Pattern Insights - Loose Fit Shirt

In this shirt pattern development I am sharing two pattern making moves that early in my career caused me some anxiety. Anxiety caused by a lack of information and training. Thank heaven for my hero Natalie Bray! I am sharing the pattern moves needed to turn a basic fitted (dress) block into a loose-fit block and a basic set of moves to draft a gauntlet placket for a classic shirt sleeve.

For all the pattern making detail for the Loose Fit Shirt jump across to the website blog.