19 May 2015

Pattern Puzzle - Wrap Layer Top #1

The designs used in last Saturdays #PatternPuzzle conversation are the surplus design developments from the Layered Shirt post of a few weeks ago. They have been lying around on the work table all that time and I did't have the heart to throw them out. Then I realised that was because I really wanted these two tops for myself. They were just the kind of thing I needed in my wardrobe. Saved from the shredder, these designs are similar but different enough to entice you to make both. I will be dealing with them in two separate posts to make sure I cover all the detail. :)

For all the pattern making detail for the Wrap Layer Top #1 jump across to our new blog location on the website.  You can connect with our RSS feed or follow on bloglovin.  See you soon!  :)

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