24 June 2022

First sample - Tucked Tee

If you have a look at this original post you'll see my thinking when I attempted this Pattern Puzzle. It appears so simple as an idea, but when testing the pattern I found it was like many other apparently 'simple' ideas, that is very difficult to achieve.

You'll find the rest of the post detail in the website blog.  First Sample - Tucked Tee

27 May 2022

Wrap Layer Top #2

 It's surprising what you find when you start digging around in old pattern puzzle files.  This second version of the Wrap Layer Top has remained buried for over six years.  The first version can be found here:  Wrap Layer Top #1.


05 February 2022

Pattern Puzzles as PDF downloads.

Having these fabulous Pattern Puzzle designs on the blog with all the pattern making instructions is wonderful.  But sometimes you might just want to try them out when the internet is down or simply not available to you.  Or maybe you don't want to search through hundreds of posts to find what you're looking for.  Either way I've had many requests for these instructions to be available as PDF downloads and I've finally done something about it.   

These documents are PDF copies of the pattern making instructions that come with each of the posts.  THEY ARE NOT SEWING PATTERNS, they are the instructions for you to make your own sewing patterns.  I've put them together in response to your requests and I've made them downloadable for convenience and better access.  In return all I ask for is a small fee to help keep the lights on.

I've started by working on my most popular posts first.  Where I have cut the pattern and made samples there is much more information included and the PDF will cost more.  If you have a favourite pattern puzzle and it's not featured please let me know through the comments section on the post in question and I'll get right to it.

Dior Drape Skirt Pattern Making Instructions


29 August 2021

Join me on the New Website

 Finally I have put together a new website using a platform that I finally understand.  At the moment is has all the same content as my previous website with the possibility of delivering more pattern making training in the future.

This will be my last post on this blog.  I have moved all the content to the new website.  If you'd like to hear from me about new product or new blog posts then you'll need to subscribe to my newsletter.  You'll find the subscription box in the footer of my home page.

I'm looking forward to some exciting new ideas for the coming year.

05 July 2019

Latest from Studio Faro

For the last few months, I've been focussed on getting more patterns and pattern making worksheets online.  This post is a bit of a catch-up for those still connected to me via this blog.  Each of the following images links to a new blog post on the website...