26 January 2015

Pattern Puzzle - Tucked Drape Tops

A huge thanks to all the fans that turned up on Saturday to play and watch the #PatternPuzzle.  This weeks puzzle was less complex than most but potentially such a favourite for the wardrobe.  Our post this week has in fact two versions of the Tucked Drape Top, the first with two large tucks facing each other on the front neckline the the second with one large tuck only in the front neckline.  

For all the pattern making detail for the Tucked Drape Tops is on the website blog.

19 January 2015

Pattern Puzzle - Vintage Booty Dress

It was a demanding #PatternPuzzle this week that ran live across all the different time zones and gave everyone a chance to join in.  You can see by the pattern shapes below that the final move of adding the front side panel to the back side panel was just enough to make it a very challenging game.  Huge thanks to all fans and friends for dropping by and making it a great day.  :)

For all the pattern making detail for the Vintage Booty Dress on the website blog.

12 January 2015

Pattern Puzzle - Gil Brandao Wrap Blouse

I finally has a chance to use some of the wonderful work in the Gil Brandao book.  In particular this pattern hooked me from the beginning as it doesn't seem to make any sense.  To start with the thing that looks like a dart is really an armhole?  And that thing that looks like a sleeve is in fact a waist tie.  As you can imagine I was looking forward to an interesting fitting.

Jump on over to our new blog location for all the detail in this post.  

05 January 2015

Pattern Insights - JerseyTwist Patterns

This is the first of a new series of pattern making posts that is me sharing the lightbulb moments of my pattern making career.

Now available as a detailed worksheet for making Jersey Twist Patterns.  For just a few dollars you'll get the same training you'd get if you came to the workshop in my studio.