12 January 2015

Pattern Puzzle - Gil Brandao Wrap Blouse

I finally has a chance to use some of the wonderful work in the Gil Brandao book.  In particular this pattern hooked me from the beginning as it doesn't seem to make any sense.  To start with the thing that looks like a dart is really an armhole?  And that thing that looks like a sleeve is in fact a waist tie.  As you can imagine I was looking forward to an interesting fitting.

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  1. Great design and sensational use the fabric.

  2. Anita McAdan,
    Parabens pelo site, obrigada por elogiar nosso querido GIL BRANDÃO
    ele foi um grande mestre em seu tempo e, um mestre em meu tempo.

    1. Hi Maria, thx so much for dropping by. I know very little about Gil Brandao but have found some of his work and it's amazing in it's simplicity and elegance. I truly admire his mind as a pattern maker. Do you know where I would find out more about his work? I would love to know more. :)