03 October 2013

Pattern Puzzle - Mioara Cretu

Mioara has a particular interest in clothing made a jersey and admires the Donna Karan idea of the 'one pattern dress' achieved by removing the side seams with clever pattern making.

The front dress has a very subtle cowl with most of the interesting detail featured on the back view.  The back detail starts with an asymmetric neckline that leads to a twisted seam flowing from the back to the lower front dress.  Some gather/drape is developed at the shoulder blade level and both shoulder seams have been moved to suit the back styling and keep the pattern piece as one.

You'll find all the pattern making detail on the website blog.


  1. Yes, what have I started here! I want to make all the #PatternPuzzles. :)

  2. This dress looks amazing! I would like to try this one too!

  3. Thx so much. :) Love your blog! Great trouser alterations tutorial. I think we have a lot to learn from mens trouser construction.