22 December 2014

Pattern Puzzle - Erte Inspired Design

This weeks #PatternPuzzle was about targeting another of my favourite Erte designs and bringing this inspiration up-to-date.  As it turns out this is a truly challenging style.  I know I made at least two mistakes in putting these pattern making instructions together.  So please forgive any other errors you may find.  And because of it's complexity, I imagine I would have to produce at least 2-3 toiles/muslins to really get the design and fit to work well before attempting final cloth.

Here's hoping you all enjoyed the #PatternPuzzle last Saturday and I look forward to seeing you on Facebook next Saturday.  Accept the invitation to our event and you will get a reminder one hour before the scheduled release of the #PatternPuzzle.

Please ask any pattern making questions you have in the comment section below.  Always happy to help.  
Enjoy  :)