09 September 2013

Pattern Puzzle - TWIST JUMPER

There are so many different kinds of twists in pattern making and I have dealt with a few in this blog, like the Pattern Magic Twist - 'nejiri'Pattern Magic Twist - 'nejiri' IIOff-the-shoulder Twist Topand Triple Twist Jersey Dress

Last Saturdays #PatternPuzzle twist is less extreme and has something in common with a style featured in  'Drape Drape' p67.

These single twist styles have one major drawback and that is the fabric you use needs to look as good from the right and the wrong side.  I think this really limits you choices.  If you could get your hands on an extremely light weight double knit that would be fantastic.  You also have to chose your edge finishes (hems) to look good from the front and the back - both sides are viewed.

The Pattern Plan is based on the Kimono Knit Block with a slight cowl developed in the front neck and a crossover back.

The twist is the back is achieved by copying the back left, then placing the back right on a hem fold.  Most important to change the grain of the back from the CB to the centre of the new pattern piece.  This pushes the twist in the back drape.

At this stage  many of these ideas are theoretical and a toile or sample is required to test and prove the theory.  Not all great pattern making ideas turn out to be great garments.  So testing and perfecting the pattern is everything.  Has anyone ever tried this style of twist?  We would all love to hear of your experience if you would like to leave a comment. :)

Is anyone thinking of testing this idea?  Leave a comment if you would like more detail on this interesting pattern development.  Enjoy!  http://www.studiofaro.com/well-suited


  1. I will try this, love the idea. I have 1m*1,5 metar satin fabric, almost 2 years now, sitting in a vacuum bag. I don`t like satin, so if I ruin it, will put it back in a bag ( cant throw it, memories..). Can I send you some pictures?

  2. Please do! I must admit I planned this pattern for jersey but I think it will work in satin, cut on the bias. Do you have a blog? I am happy to share your work here if that suits you. :)