08 July 2013

Pattern Magic Twist - 'nejiri'

At last I have a chance to test out some of the ideas in this wonderful book, 'Pattern Magic" by Tomoko Nakamichi.  Originally ordered from Tessuiti Fabrics in Surry Hills Sydney, this book, and the many like it, are full of challenging ideas.  In particular I am interested in the Twist, or 'nejiri', featured on pages 71-73.  You may remember we did a twist style in one of the recent pattern puzzles.  That was a half body twist and quite tight in fit. 
You'll find all the pattern making instructions on the website blog.


  1. hi there

    I am a college student but I don't understand how the technique is achieved? Please could you explain in simpler terms, i'm hoping to use the technique in my final collection but I can't get it right>

    1. I totally understand, as I had a problem with this concept to begin with. All I did was copy the moves and once I had a sample on the dummy things became clearer. you should also read the next post as I don't think the above concept works as claimed. For a twist that stays as it should without too much fussing, you need an internal layer to hold it in place. Do my recommendation is to make a toile so you can see where the problems are. The physical sample helps a lot to understand. All the best with your studies. Anita