15 July 2013

Pattern Puzzle - Empire Cowl Knit

The Saturday morning Pattern Puzzle - This strange shape was posted last Saturday on our Facebook page.  It is one of four pattern pieces that makes up the full garment.

In the production sketch below I have used colour to identify the placement of the mystery pattern piece in the garment.

This is a jersey tunic, most likely

Below is an Illustrator version of the Front Bodice that includes the valuable gathering information.  

Gradually I am building a series of Pattern Making Worksheets with detailed instructions in Pattern Making Basics and Inspiring Styles.  These Illustrator diagrams are unbelievably detailed to work with and produce just the best graphics.  Keep your eyes peeled for the new style worksheets on the website.

In making this pattern I would use a jersey/knit kimono block.  If you don't yet have one I will be loading a relevant worksheet in the coming months.  The pattern plan below is for the front and the back of this garment and over the next two days I will be posting the 'bones' of the pattern making.  That is, all pattern pieces so you can see the manipulations to achieve all the detail in the style.

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Enjoy :)

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