22 July 2013

Pattern Puzzle from CarmencitaB

This week's Pattern Puzzle Story:
Last week I received an email from CarmencitaB regarding a slightly tricky pattern she has been puzzling with for a little while.  So I love a challenge and the results are in this post.

Firstly some picture references (from CarmencitaB) for the direction we are going in:

You'll find all the pattern making instructions for the front of this dress on the website blog.


  1. My first muslin had a bust dart, but I got rid of it. You do not want to see the first draft!
    Thank you so much for helping me with this.

  2. Very clever. I live in Sydney and must come to one of your workshops.

  3. Very happy to help Carmen. I really do love pattern challenges. Spread the word, I am going to solve followers pattern dilemmas every week. Sketches posted to the facebook page will be considered. Enjoy your pattern making. :)

  4. Hi Gail. Love to see you here at a workshop. What's your favourite thing to make when you are sewing? The next batch of workshops are coming up in late September and early October. If you subscribe to the website you will get the weekly email updates. http://www.studiofaro.com/contact
    Thanks for dropping by and have a great day! Sun's out! :)

  5. This is very clever and informative. I'm now tempted to draft something like this. Further instructions would be very much appreciated.

  6. Hi PP, Thanks for the lovely comment. Off to write some academic stuff this morning. Will most likely get a chance to have a go at the full pattern this weekend.

    Do you catch the Patten Puzzle from our facebook page on Saturday morning? There is a lot of fun to be had guessing with the other fans. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Studio-Faro/464204903600087
    Speak soon....A

  7. Just a quick follow up to let you know that I have not forgotten your request. I am currently working on the full set of pattern notes. Hopefully complete by the end of the week. :) Will keep you posted.

  8. Finally the full details of the pattern are posted today - http://studiofaro-wellsuited.blogspot.com.au/2013/09/pattern-puzzle-and-follow-up-to.html Enjoy :)