18 August 2014

Pattern Puzzle - The Morticia Skirt

You'll find the PDF Sewing Pattern available on the website.


  1. thank you for the patterns! i will try to do one of these skirts for my mother! i would like to know if you can try to give the înstruction for 3 skirts , here're the links:

    thanks by advance!

    1. Hi Ines, thx for dropping by the blog. And we are thrilled that you will be using our instructions to make your mother a skirt. If you are both willing we would love to share your efforts with our fans. You can email your photos direct - enquiries@stduiofaro.com

      Thanks also for the links to the draped skirts. Certainly one of your selection is on the shortlist for a future #PatternPuzzle. ;) Because we like to keep the fans guessing we are not able to confirm one way or the other why's coming next for our #PatternPuzzles on Facebook. Do you follow our #PatternPuzzle conversation on Saturday mornings (Sydney time) on FB? There is a link to FB at the top right of this page. :)

    2. sure, when it's, i'll share it with you! and thanks for the pattern! kisses from Ivory Coast!

  2. hola me encanta cuando colocas la explicacion del patron gracias

  3. Replies
    1. My pleasure! :) There's more detail if you click through to the new blog. The pattern making instructions are there.