09 March 2015

Pattern Puzzle - Double Drape Maxi

You may be forgiven for thinking that we often torture the stuffing out of our fabulous #PatternPuzzle fans.  Well, last Saturday was no exception.  I did a slightly tricky thing with a 'grown-on hood' and it was enough to make the pattern shapes very hard to read.  The idea I have is to cut this dress in a merino jersey.  That could be either a one-way or two-way stretch jersey.

The Double Drape in the Maxi refers to the #CowlDrape on the back of this dress and the #GatheredDrape on the centre front seam.  The hood styling may also be considered a #CowlDrape with the large tuck and the centre back line on the fold.

For all the pattern making detail for the Double Drape Maxi jump across to the website blog.

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