29 April 2013

Perfecto Biker Jacket Trends

Thank you James Dean for the perennial biker jacket - trends 2013.

A round-up of the latest biker jacket trends, featured on #hotfashionitems, courtesy of #tumblr and the following great blogs: #WGSN #wantering #meninthistown #womensweardaily #yourmothershouldknow and many more.... http://hotfashionitems.tumblr.com/

The next stage is Design Development…
Enjoy :)

22 April 2013

Design Conversation 3 - SCALE, REPETITION & UNITY.

A new background graphic to freshen the offering.
Add your conversation about this piece in the comments section.
I think CONTRAST could easily be part of the conversation.

Enjoy :)

18 April 2013

Design Conversation 2 - REPETITION, GRADATION & UNITY.

This delightful design was made in a semi-opaque fabric which shifted in intensity through the layers of the design.  I identified three principles for the discussion.  Can you see more?  Check our Design Principles page on the right.

Enjoy :)

15 April 2013

Design Conversation 1 - SCALE, BALANCE & CONTRAST.

There is a lot going on in this Oriental Coat Design.  I have discussed the most obvious of the Design Principles.
Love to hear what you all have to say...

Enjoy :)

11 April 2013

Design Conversations

Design Principles & Elements are an essential tool when discussing design or justifying design choices.  Over the past week I have been updating my Design Principles Poster for a new print edition.
This time around I have included design conversations on the posters.  By that I mean I have added discussion for each of the visual examples used.  So as not to be caught talking to myself I have decided to share these conversations with you.......
Have these conversations with me!
Enjoy :)

08 April 2013

Trend Confirmation - 'whiteonwhite'

Just started following this blogger - Trouble in Tulle.  Great observations!
Jennifer’s recent post ‘Runway Inspirations: Spring Whites’ confirms the importance of the ‘whiteonwhite’ Trend featured here.
Some design development on my blog well-suited.

Join us for the Fashion Design Development Workshop on the 15th April to learn these fabulous creative skills.
Enjoy :)

01 April 2013


It's that time of year when everyone is parading their new ideas.  Catwalk shows here and in Europe are in full swing.
I have had a look at London Fashion Week and decided to build a snapshot of the new season.
More photos in facebook album.

So this is not a definitive answer to the new season, but a reference to colour, silhouette and pattern.   Nothing more.