27 February 2013

Trend Boards for Fashion Design

Building a Trend board is the visual outcome of your design research each season.  It is the creative focus for your fabric sourcing and design development and also the fuel for your creative expression and individual design.

Below I list a few simple rules that I use with new design projects to keep myself on track.  Go to the website to view the Fashion Design Development workshop (15 April) where you learn and practice these skills.

Visit my TREND blog, follow and watch as I build trends for the new fashion season.  Post your own Trend Boards- everyone welcome!

When it comes to building Trend Boards I have a few simple rules:

22 February 2013


One of the first trend boards I have put together from images collected all over the creative tumblr community.  
Visit and sign up to receive regular trend posts.   http://hotfashionitems.tumblr.com/
By regular I mean once a day not every five minutes!

Enjoy :)

20 February 2013

More collar detail.....

Nearly all styles of collars are drafted on rectangles and it is what we do with these rectangles that decides the final collar shape.  The two-piece collar (photo left) is more complex than most and includes all the understanding you need to draft most shirt collars.  It is in fact a combination of the stand collar and the one piece shirt collar.

The diagram (below right) is probably one of the best illustrations I have ever found that describes all the different collar types.  This scan is an extract (p.78) from the Natalie Bray book 'Dress Pattern Designing'.  High on my list of favourites.

19 February 2013

Classic Shirt Patterns

Spent the last few days working on some extra diagrams for the Shirt Patterns Workshop.  
Really focused on the classic shirting detail that has been so important in fashion for the past decade.  Two-piece collars, gauntlet cuffs, tab fronts and much more....  
Go to the website for more detail.