12 December 2012

Fashion Illustration Video - 1 drawing the garment.

Looks like the first video was far too long for the youtube experience.

I have spilt the full length video into five bite sized pieces.
1  drawing the garment (first part here).
To follow...
2  copic pens
3  pastel pencils
4  final accents
5  head & feet

Hope this is easier to view :-)

29 October 2012

New Tech!

Have spent the past few weeks getting up to date with tech and social platforms. Phew, so many options!

With a bit of luck I will be able to upload some video tutorials in the next few weeks.
The first video is to link with the FREE download currently available at studio faro.

Presentation complete

Lighting, tripod and video ready to go.
Illustration complete.
The first will be Fashion Illustration.   Some early images...…
Enjoy :)

20 September 2012


Well I did finally test the separate collar lapel idea.
Some issues with this first sample.  Think I may need to increase the lapel dart the tighten up the sit of the collar.   Otherwise not so bad.

This style will make a great addition to the Creative Tailoring workshop at the studio.
 Hoping to try something a little more adventurous in a summer coat style.  Will keep you posted.
Enjoy :)