20 February 2014

Charles James for Everyday Wear

I love this dress and want to drag it into the 'everyday'.  Yes, party frocks are fun to make and wear but I am really interested in what I have in the wardrobe to wear everyday.  Is it stylish, well fitted and well made?  Am I comfortable in this great creation?  This runs through my head at seven in the morning when I am trying to decide what to wear for the day.

It is not my intention to dumb-down Charles James but to extract the diversity of his designs.  To demonstrate the enormous potential of his creative genius.  
The combinations set out below are just some ideas of how different fabrics and colours can work together.

Trying to find combinations of three proved difficult but I did manage to find
several combinations of two fabrics.  Just love the idea of putting a plaid with a floral.

To bring intense prints and fabric combinations to this style I would also like to simplify some of the design detail.  Love the wide 'V' necklines and the turn-back on the front but I think I will loose the gathers and clean up the shoulder line for simplicity.

Your placement of the fabric alternatives can vary a little as you see in the examples.  I would always aim to use to the fabric that stands out the most in the front bodice to bring attention to the face.

Mixing stronger prints is a little more challenging and clearly needs some work.  Do you have your own favourite print/plaid combinations?  Post them in the comments, we would all love to see them.

 Which is your favourite set of fabrics for this style development?
Enjoy :)

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