02 August 2013

Skirt Draft and Pencil Skirt Pattern Worksheet

Hello fellow cutters!

Start at the very beginning.....
I am working hard developing my existing teaching materials into online teaching formats.  And it is so much harder than I imagined!  The early products will be the Pattern Making Worksheet Download PDF's featured on the website.  

Previous worksheets have been mostly about the diagrams and light on the instructions (Corsets, Trousers and the Circle Skirt).  This is changing.

Last week I uploaded the first of these new detailed worksheets.  The Skirt Draft and Pencil Skirt Pattern PDF is an eight page fully detailed worksheet.  Step-by-step instructions with tech diagrams with every instruction, a dedicated glossary and all the technical detail you need to complete your very own Classic Pencil Skirt.  

Looking for testers:
If there are any keen sewists or aspiring pattern makers out there who would like to test these pattern instructions for me, I would be most grateful.  Contact me via email and I will send the instructions to you personally.  The idea is to check that they are easy to follow and clean up the parts of the instructions that are vague.  I have developed this new worksheet through four edits to bring clarity to the existing instructions.  Fingers crossed!

For the testers, I will be sending you the final worksheet for free, in exchange for you completing a simple one page feedback sheet. 

So Much More....
I also have some other two-page worksheets full of instructions that are currently 'in editing' and would definitely benefit from testing:
  • Drafting a two-piece shirt collar.  
  • Sleeve Basics that include altering the underarm point - sleeve and bodice.
  • Dart Transfer for Dresses.

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