25 July 2013

Great Sites - Favourite Sources

My favourite Resources, Trend Forecasters, and Skilled Sewists are listed here.  I am gradually growing this list and adding more links.  Love to hear about your favourites.

Here are some select links to start with:

Trend forecast Australian style from Sydney based Scout.  Great visuals on the blog.

WGSN on tumblr:  Online, industry based Forecast Service.  Has wonderful tumblr blog.

Weekly Street trend reports for the Sun-Herald.  Fab blog about mens style in Sydney and the world.

Fashion-Incubator blog by Kathleen Fasanella

The Cutting Class
Great Pattern Making Posts!

The Centre for Fashion Design - Great Philosophy

Merchant & Mills UK
Unbelievable tailoring products - fabrics, patterns and trim.

The Sewing Directory has many, many useful links to sharpen up your sewing skills.  Based in the UK they run a whole bunch of creative workshops.

Most Favourite books:

Polhemus, Ted  ‘Street Style' Thames & Hudson, London.  1994

Boucher, François ‘The History of Costume in the West.’  Thames & Hudson, London.  2004

Bray, Natalie  ‘Dress Pattern Designing. The Basic Principles of Cut and Fit.’  Collins, London.  1974

Bray, Natalie  ‘More Dress Pattern Designing’  Granada, London.  1974

Hillhouse. & Mansfield ‘Dress Design.  Draping and Flat Pattern Making.’  Houghton Mifflin Company, USA.  1948

Fasanella, Kathleen  ‘The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Sewn Product Manufacturing.’   Kathleen Fasanella, USA.   1998


  1. I've posted the Hillhouse and Mansfield as a pdf in my Friday Freebies (it's out of copyright). Will look up some of the others. Thanks for the recommendations.

  2. Yes, and many thanks to you for all the time it must have taken to scan. Such a great resource. In last weeks evening pattern class we had a conversation about your post and how fantastic it was that you had gone to all that trouble. So that's five fans working away in a pattern room in the inner-west of Sydney talking about your blog. Congrats! :)