10 July 2013

DUNGAREES - Dogtooth to Denim - streetstyle to catwalk.

Sexy and practical?  Which is it?  There is more than enough evidence about to suggest a strong trend for dungarees and a necessary item in every denim range.  Features a simple colour palette of indigo, white, red and black.    The majority are made of denim but they are occasionally found in different fabrics - dogtooth and leather???  More images on #hotfashionitems.  
Who out there owns a pair?

A couple of years ago I cut a dungaree pattern for a client based on a mens work overall.  Such great detail in the pocketing and stitching.  They were a lovely loose fit and sat well on the hips with a wide leg.  I think I'll have a go at a re-design on the traditional overall.  Judging by the Trend board I think the leg will be slimmer and I will probably be happier with a loose fitting style.

Stay with us on the blog and on facebook to watch the progress of the DUNGAREE.  Let us know if you are interested in new design ideas and pattern making instructions for this Dungaree.
Enjoy :)

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