04 July 2013

Design Conversations 14 - Use your words!

Design Conversations beg the question:  Why another frock?  Yet we continue to make, collect and gather together things of beauty.  In the next few weeks the Design Conversations we have been posting on the blog will be shifting up a gear to include real subjects to broaden the conversation.

To start the conversation we ask:  
What attracts us to particular designs? 
And how do we analyse and understand this attraction to develop our product or better understand our own sense of style.

My first example (posted here from tumblr) has caused me to pause and reflect.  I don’t really like glittery eveningwear so much, yet I am strangely attracted to this outfit.  I have given it some thought and come up with the following:  

Statement Dressing

Cannes Film Festival 2013
Jessica Miller blogged by #yourmothershouldknow  

The combination of what appears to be a casual white shirt with a slinky, sequined evening skirt speaks a certain casual confidence in a formal setting.  Sexy and confident.  The use of very little make up and au naturel hair defies the pomp and artifice of the usual red carpet photo image.  I would not be surprised if she had ankle boots under that skirt!

The black cami peeping out at the top of the white shirt draws enough attention to unify the outfit by linking to the black sequined skirt. The obvious contrast between the CASUAL shirt and the FORMAL skirt is rendered acceptable (unified) by the casual confidence of the wearer.

The Statement is:
I am comfortable in this elite environment and do not need make-up, tons of jewels or spectacular hair to come to the party.  I just threw on this old thing, a little sparkle for the event and even forgot to brush my hair.  How about we label it #urbanelegance?   We’ll call it a trend and search out the other similar gems!

I now realize that I have seen this look in recent photo shoots featured on #yourmothershouldknow – a little scruffy and au naturel wearing top end product.

Having these conversations with myself may eventually get me locked up.  So if you have a new design or a favourite style you would like to share and discuss, feel free to post to my facebook, blog or simply email me the details and photo and I can put a post together.

It’s great to take a moment to understand what makes us tick and what keeps us coming back to the workroom each day.  I love it ALL!

The words in bold reference the detail on the Design Elements and Principles page.

Enjoy :)

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