20 March 2013

Fashion Design Development - 'whiteonwhite' TREND

Preparing new material for workshops is a beautiful and indulgent thing.  
The images that follow are extracts from a new video that demonstrates the Design Development Process.  
They are an important part of the Fashion Design Development workshop that is running on the 15th April.

Above is the 'whiteonwhite' Trend Board posted on tumblr last month.

This Trend Board is a combination of influences from architecture (lighthouse at top), leading designers and high profile media (Game of Thrones).  
Sketches and photographs from design research (Sketch Book or visual Diary) are used as inspiration (as below).

Design Development is the creative process that extracts our individual take on inspirational ideas and materials.

The seven newly developed designs above show a direct link to our design research and creative focus (Trend Board).  Each new idea is developed using elements the previous designs with incremental changes and additions for each design.  
This is often referred to as the evolution of the design idea.

These still shots are a small sample of the  Fashion Design Development video that will be released at the end of the month.


  1. My pleasure Radouane. Would you mind translating the rest for us mono-linguists. Thx :)

  2. Trend Confirmation Found - 'Runway Inspirations: Spring Whites' by troubleintulle - http://troubleintulle.com/2013/04/02/runway-inspiration-spring-whites/