27 February 2013

Trend Boards for Fashion Design

Building a Trend board is the visual outcome of your design research each season.  It is the creative focus for your fabric sourcing and design development and also the fuel for your creative expression and individual design.

Below I list a few simple rules that I use with new design projects to keep myself on track.  Go to the website to view the Fashion Design Development workshop (15 April) where you learn and practice these skills.

Visit my TREND blog, follow and watch as I build trends for the new fashion season.  Post your own Trend Boards- everyone welcome!

When it comes to building Trend Boards I have a few simple rules:
  • that your research is thorough, drawing reliable data from the following sources -  Forecast Magazines,  Leading Fashion Magazines,  Leading Designers,  Prevailing Street Trends,  Historic References,  Direct competition
  • use a small number of images to achieve the greatest impact - be selective and focused.
  • your selected images should include colour, texture, print and styling specific to your trend.
  • that you use the Principles and Elements of Good Design when laying up and resizing your images.
  • the trend should be relevant to the current market.
  • give your trend a simple but clear title/name.
Common problems with most trend boards:
  • too many images, providing too much information and visual confusion.
  • not specific enough to market to generate cohesive ideas that fit the product and market.
  • showing personal bias and not representative of new season trends.

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