12 December 2012

Fashion Illustration Video - 1 drawing the garment.

Looks like the first video was far too long for the youtube experience.

I have spilt the full length video into five bite sized pieces.
1  drawing the garment (first part here).
To follow...
2  copic pens
3  pastel pencils
4  final accents
5  head & feet

Hope this is easier to view :-)


  1. Thanks Anita, this is a good beginning. I like the text to highlight important points. Size of the text needs consistency. love the close ups.
    Regards Julie

  2. Thanks for the feedback. I will watch the text size in the new filming. Loving all the feedback. Really helpful! Please sign in as member so I can send you the full and final video when ready. Thx

  3. This is lovely tutorial series. What is it that you have used to draw .. a clutch pencil or is it a special kind of a pen ?

  4. Hi Diya. Thx for the compliment. I use a beautiful clutch pencil .07 - same as I use for my pattern making. I have found that if you pay more for your pencils it really pays off. :)